EF#12, My Dream

22 May, 2015

I entertain myself through books and movies. Between those two, movies have become my source of information on the variation of lives out there. Let’s just ignore the fact that on movie, everything are possible. I think that it was enough to fight my so-logical mindset. My husband is the one introduce me to movie. Therefore, it is not surprising that we often dream of live just like in the movie we have seen.

I was dreaming to become a full time writer. It doesn’t matter that if I write articles, or books, or comics, or even blog post. I can’t say that it was my wildest dream. Because, in fact, I don’t think it is wild at all. I know some people who have been living this kind of live.

My husband and I was dreaming to take a full month holiday in a city (we kept as secret). We wish to explore the city and in the same time experiencing the live of local people. Again, this cannot be considered to be wild at all. We have made some calculations and then decide that the only thing stopping us to do this is timing. There are some extraordinary circumstances stopping us to fulfill this dream, for now.

I made a draft of this post writing my wildest dream of having a restaurant with pay-what-you-feel-appropriate scheme. It would be a full functional restaurant where upon finishing the meal, the consumer can decide on the appropriate amount of money as an exchange to the food (and drink) that they have just enjoy. Reading the draft, I still think that it is not wild enough for me.

Then something occurs in my head. If  I can choose one dream, and I was guaranteed that it will come true, what would I dream?

I wish to spend a full month of Ramadhan in the Holy Land, Mecca and Medina, with my two main mahram, my husband and my brother. I dream of fulfilling my parents wish to Hajj through Umrah Ramadhan. They said that Umrah Ramadhan equivalent to Hajj. I wish to fulfill mine and my brother’s obligation of Hajj, and then pray that we got the chance to do full Hajj on behalf of our parents. This dream seemed to be wild enough for me, considering the constellation of my life, the dynamics of our relationship, the family condition, the budget arrangement, etc. But if I got to choose which dream is the wildest and in the same time I want the most. This must be it.


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